Vegetable & Fruit Wash

Vegetables and fruits undergo a lot of contamination from the time they start growing in the field. Lots of dust and dirt also get accumulated on the vegetables and fruits while they are being transported to the consumer. These residues can affect vital organs like kidney, liver and may also cause food poisoning and allergic reactions. With 50% of Indian food products being contaminated, Good Home came up with this solution of a Vegetable and Fruit Wash.

Vegetable and Fruit Wash, which is designed to remove bacteria, fungus and micro-organisms from vegetables and fruits and contains natural Tulasi extracts, is 95% more effective than washing vegetables and fruits with normal water.

Vegetables and fruits have to be washed by adding 10 ml of the solution to 1 liter of water; soak for three minutes and rinse with fresh potable water. The vegetables and fruits are clean and safe to cook and consume.

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