Tips & Tricks

Air Freshener

  • Place Air Fresheners in your bathroom. Do not place two different fragrances at the same time in the same bathroom. It might be uncomfortable.
  • Air fresheners can be installed virtually anywhere in your building. It is designed not just for restrooms but also for use in areas such as offices, meeting rooms, care homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms or anywhere that a pleasant fragrance is desired.
  • Air fresheners are very well associated with well being of human being with a boost to positive attitude.
  • Do not place the toilet air fresheners close to your toilet soaps. Keep them at a fair distance.
  • Do not keep wet clothes inside the bathroom for a long time. It will produce a foul smell. Hang them outside to dry immediately.

Room Freshener

  • Go for the natural method of creating the fragrance in the entrance. Place a marvelously sculpted metal or glass bowl filled with water, perfumed petals and floating aromatic candles.
  • Try an assortment of dried flower petals, fruit seeds, herbal leaves and spices to emanate a gentle, natural and healthy fragrance.
  • When it comes to wardrobes, use perfumed sachets and scented drawer liners. Clothes will smell fresh always.
  • Before trying a new fragrance, spray a little of it and test whether you are comfortable with it. If it smells good for you, spray it all around the living room.
  • For a lighter scent, spray the fragrance in the air and slowly walk into that mist. This will give you a hint of the fragrance.


  • Before starting to clean, first choose the water. Water is the key player in any kind of cleaning activity. Hard water or Soft water, Hot water or Cold water – choose it wisely!
  • After choosing the water, choose the right scrubber for the cleaning activity. Our wide ranges of scrubbers are designed to take care of all kinds of stains. Find out which one will work best for you!
  • Do not overuse your scrubber. If it is all soaked up and smelly, buy a new one. Change your scrubber often. Mark it as a reminder!
  • Apply only the soft scrubber on coated pans and non-stick pans. For common uncoated utensils and copper based cook-wares, use the normal scrubbers.
  • Scrubbers are highly recommended while washing glass surfaces and ceramic bake-wares. Just a gentle rub will do the magic.

Drain Cleaner

  • It reduces your cleaning frequency and saves time.
  • On using Drain cleaners you are less likely to experience water damage from an overflowing plumbing fixture if you keep your drains clear.
  • A simple drain cleaning method uses the power of hot water for metal pipes. Boil some water in a kettle and pour it slowly down the clogged drain.Giveregular intervals during this process which allows the hot water to unclog the drain.
  • Home remedy for drain cleaning, mix of salt, baking soda and water has the power to dissolve even the nastiest blockages.
  • Regular usage of Drain cleaners clears clogged drain pipes, removes grease and hair, kills germs and keeps away cockroaches.

Vegetable & Fruit Wash Tips

  • Always shake the bottle twice before using it. The liquid inside should be mixed well in order to be more effective.
  • After spraying the wash on your vegetables and fruits wait for 2-3 minutes. Let the wash act on them without any restraints.
  • Feel free to use a generous amount of the wash on the vegetables and fruits. It will yield healthier results.
  • While rinsing the vegetables and fruits, tap water is highly recommended. Make sure the wash present on the surface gets cleaned up thoroughly.
  • This 100% non-toxic, plant-based formula effectively removes detrimental toxic pesticide & chemical residues, pathogens, waxes, dirt, handling oils & bacteria surface contaminants. You can literally feel the waxy coating coming off from the vegetables and fruits while rinsing them.

Odour remover

  • Good home odour remover can be used to remove the pungent smell resulting from cooking non vegetarian food, garlic, onions and more.
  • Unpleasant odors can be removed with baking soda. Place it wherever necessary in an open can or bowl.
  • House windows should be opened daily to let out odors and let in fresh air.
  • Carpets seem to hold on to odors and linger for days. One of the first things you can do is to open windows to air out the room and give it a good vacuuming. It's great for battling odors.
  • Good Home odour remover is effective against bathroom odour, tobacco odour, under the wash basins, the inside boot of cars and inside shoe racks.
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